A new age in building technology is here

Airstone Institute and Airstone Ecology presents the the worlds first and only zero emission building technology


The world’s first truly dynamic building system, based on knowledge from the dawn of civilization. Before the age of cement binders.

Design and construction of totally self-sustained monolith stone housing:

With our world class building method, we design houses that meet the highest standards and building codes anywhere in the world. They will withstand any hurricane or tropical storm. Our houses are made of stone and stone only - even the roofs if you like.

In our concrete, a new High Performance

Cellular Light Concrete, HPCLC, we blow up tiny air bubbles, which give the material new properties: It insulates better against heat and cold, it is hydro-phobic (does not take up water) and it is fire safe and soundproof.

In case of flooding our special Cellular Light Concrete dries in a few hours. Houses are tsunami, hurricane, earthquake safe, rodent and insect free and will also withstand criminal attacks.

Our monolithic pouring of the HPCLC concrete meaning pouring walls and roof slabs together, gives a more rigid cellular structure which is a great benefit, especially in areas susceptible to earthquakes.


If extremely short building time of special

interest, or to eliminate carbon emissions, use our Cellular Light Geo Polymer CLGP or Airstone ceramicrete.

Absolutely fire proof, hydrophobic and extremely durable! If you look at the pyramids or the Sfinx in Egypt, you will see an early example of Geopolymers!


To match these strong materials, Airstone Basalt Rebar boost an increase in tensile strength more that four times, compared to ordinary steel, while being 90 % lighter.


The composite Airstone formwork has been

specifically designed to allow rapid construction.

The concrete surface finish produced with our composite formwork allows achievement of a high quality wall finish without the need for expensive plastering.

The foundation has been designed to withstand vertical as well as horizontal earthquake movements in the ground.


Our mobile concrete plants may also be used for casting foundations, infrastructure and landfills. These plants produce up to 120 m3 per hour.


Then ad the True Off-Grid System and you will have housing that do not need a power grid or a sewers system and some times not even a water supply. The garden will be irrigated automatically and household waste will be composted, resulting in large volumes of fruit and vegetables being produced - free of charge - in your own backyard.

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Becoming a member of the Airstone family

Airstone Institute is financed by our Airstone Institute members and our Airstoneco franchisees.

The general idea is that it should be possible for all involved, to calculate the actual cost of building in our state-of-the-art zero emission technology. This to enable developers and financiers to make correct decisions at an early stage of the project.

It will take substantial knowledge in a wide range of disciplines at an advanced level to provide adequate support for decision makers.

This support, you will find at Airstone.

It is quite possible to build a totally self sustained house at a price level never heard of before. That is, if you even heard of one before...

Now is the time to become a member of Airstone Family and become ecologically aware.


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